What type of protein should I consume for optimal health__
what type of protein should i consume for optimal health

Much has been written about the effects of protein in the modern diet.

It seems every week there is a new spin on the benefits of consuming a diet that focuses predominately on this type of macronutrient.

When presenting and educating people on the alkaline way of life, Living Lean style, we are often asked about this very topic.

Today I would like to explore this in more detail.

When someone makes the change from the standard Australian diet to the Living Lean program, a first concern is ensuring sufficient protein levels are achieved for muscle growth or muscle maintenance.

The standard Australian diet usually see’s protein being consumed from animal sources. Whilst animal protein is a great way to ensure muscle maintenance requirements are being met, it usually comes with some additional, non-desirable ‘nasties’.

Two key animal protein ‘nasties’ include saturated fat and cholesterol. Whilst saturated fat and cholesterol are obviously detrimental to our health in their own right, they also result in elevated acid levels being experienced within our body.

As we are aware and explained in previous posts, elevated acid levels are detrimental to our health and is known to be the key factor in illnesses including poor skin health, mental fatigue, lethargy, poor digestion and weight gain.

The Living Lean program eliminates these ‘nasties’ by ensuring protein levels are being sustained through plant-based substitutes usually coming from vegetables, nuts and legumes.

These sources of protein are readily absorbed by the body and are known to be of more benefit for muscle maintenance and growth due to all of the key essential amino acids being contained.

Consuming these types of proteins will ensure we absorb what our body requires but without the harmful by-products of saturated fat, cholesterol and acid.

Removing animal protein from our diet for 15 days may sound like a big sacrifice, but the benefits will last a lifetime.

Humans can survive without eating meat. Millions of vegans and vegetarians across the world do it every day. Some of the world’s best athletes survive on a meat-free diet.

Of course, humans can eat meat, if we so desire.

We are omnivores after all and can eat just about any animal or plant we like, so long it’s been prepared properly.

But we are NOT pre-destined to eat large amounts of animal protein. If we do, acidosis will occur resulting in feelings of lethargy, fatigue, skin disorders and weight gain.

This is the main reason why the world is in the grip of an obesity epidemic.

If we leave the diet that is high in animal protein to the true carnivores for a 15-day period, we will see a dramatic improvement in our health as a result.

You will not believe the benefits until you try it for yourself.

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