What sort of results can I expect on the Living Lean program_
what sort of results can i expect on ll program

I am often asked the question, “what sort of result can I achieve whilst on the Living Lean program?” or “Will I actually get results if I complete this program?”

What better place to answer this repeated question than here on the Living Lean blog.

I like to quickly to point out though, that this program is not a quick fix or a magic pill.

It takes commitment and perseverance to achieve strong results however if you do actually make that commitment to our program, you will no doubt achieve results similar to those found below.

Whilst results may vary from person to person, those case studies found here are simply a snapshot of the mainstream results we see on this ground-breaking program on a weekly basis. Of course we have people who improve health markers and there are people that don’t. We have people that lose more weight, and we have people who lose less weight. That is basic human nature.

We have had incredible results and improved the quality of life of many people.

Like Eileen*, who is a type I diabetic and registered nurse. Eileen started decreasing her required insulin levels after only 48 hours on the program and had a 40% reduction in required insulin by day 11.

Or Craig*, who is a type II diabetic and halved his blood sugar readings on the 15-day program and lost 9.2 kgs. Craig recently shared his story on the ‘Hughesy and Kate’ radio program.

Or Faith*, who has so much energy she has to go for a walk before bed.

Or Daisy*, who continues to run marathons and improves her time with each outing

Yes, the program aims to improve the health of body cells to keep sickness at bay.

But we also achieve significant weight loss in a rapid time frames.

The Living Lean program does not favour a specific gender or ethnicity and certainly doesn’t favour larger people. We achieve results with everyone, no matter what your size is or how much you weigh.

Like Vivianne*, who started at 55 kgs and lost 5.2 kgs in 7 days.

Or Glenn*, who had an arthroscope on his knee the day before starting the program and lost 6.9 kgs in 14 days.

Or Damien*, who is an elite surf lifesaver who lost 5.5 kgs in 4 days.

If I haven’t already answered the original questions, we started this blog out with, allow me to give you a snapshot of some further Living Lean results.

Michael lost 5.2 kgs in 6 days*

Madelyn lost 5.1 kgs in 7 days*

Craig lost 8.2 kgs in 14 days*

Danielle lost 9 kgs in 10 days*

Jane lost 8.2 kgs in 11 days*

Ben lost 7.5 kgs in 11 days*

Stephen lost 7.6 kg in 11 days*

Kim lost 7.3 kgs in 14 days*

Rowan lost 7.9 kgs in 12 days*

Shayne lost 8.1 kgs in 14 days*

Bridget lost 8.4 kgs in 16 days*

Why not try this revolutionary program for yourself.

The thousands of people having had success could not all be wrong.

If you give it a go, I know you won’t regret it!

Footnote: We love hearing the results you achieve on our Living Lean program. Please send these to us as we get just as excited as you do.

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