The top selling supermarket items that make weight loss more di
top selling supermarket items that make weight loss more difficult

I recently came across statistics from the major supermarket chains in Australia regarding their top selling items.

I have attached these statistics below.

Top 5 fresh items by retailer

This provides a great understanding of the dietary habits of a traditional Australian family and makes for interesting reading.

What really caught my attention though, was that up to four of the top five foods are animal protein with there being only one to two items that is a fresh fruit or vegetable on the lists of popular products in these supermarket chains.

No wonder we are in the middle of an obesity epidemic when we continue to eat this way. The vast amounts of animal protein we are consuming is leading to an incredibly high acid load which makes losing weight extremely difficult.

Whilst I wasn’t around all those years ago, I can only assume that the hunter and gathers of the past didn’t eat meat every day.

They ate plant-based food (fruits and vegetables) majority of the time and only consumed meat when a ‘kill’ occurred which I would assume was every 4 or 5 days at best.

And the hunter and gather didn’t have an obesity problem as far as I am aware.

Our body is able to absorb the nutrients from plant-based food in a much easier and bio-available way and these foods do not lead to significant weight gain or the associated illness that come with it.

Putting these statistics into context, I am sure that there are percentage of people that prefer to purchase their fresh fruit and vegetables from the greengrocer as opposed to the large supermarket chains.

Regardless, ensure you consume more fruits and vegetables (preferably the alkaline type) and less animal protein if you are looking to remove those excess kilos and improve your health.

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