The benefits of an alkaline body
the benefits of an alkaline body

The sole purpose of the Living Lean program is to assist the body’s transformation from an acidic (unhealthy) state to one which is more alkaline (healthy), and in doing so, ensure the body operates the way it was designed.

The Living Lean program attempts to maximise alkalinity by:

Benefits of increasing the body’s alkalinity include:

The more alkaline our body becomes the healthier we are, the more energy we have and most importantly, the more weight we will lose.

Remember, think of a fat cell being the size of a pea with no acid is present, and it being the size of a billiard ball with the presence of acid.

The change in size and weight of our fat cells when thinking this way, is dramatic, yet realistic.

This is due to fat cells being the only place the human body can store acid.

When we remove the acid from our diet, we eliminate substantial amounts of stored body fat in very short periods of time.

So make the choice; would you prefer an acidic diet with billiard ball-sized fat cells or a clean, healthy, alkaline diet with pea-sized fat cells.

You decide.

This is the secret behind the outstanding results achieved on the Living Lean program.

Each detox box contains:

5-day super-green rapid detox and weight loss formula


10-day super-green rapid detox and weight loss formula


15-day rapid detox and weight loss program


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