The 7 life-changing health benefits from alkalising your body
the 7 life changing health benefits achieved when alkalising your body

Alkalising your body is a hot topic at the moment.

Whilst for many people the word ‘Alkaline’ is relatively new and on-trend in 2015, celebrities including Anthony Robbins and Elle McPherson have been strong advocates of this health-based lifestyle for many years.

Elle McPherson has even stated that she carries pH strips (urine strips) with her 24/7. (It is nice to know that I am in good company).

With this in mind, I think it only fitting that we outline some of the reasons why Anthony and Elle alkaline their body and strongly campaign for this healthy lifestyle.

Health Benefit 1 – Achieve Your Ideal Bodyweight.

When you achieve an alkaline state, your body will naturally find its ideal body weight. Simply carrying a few extra kilograms, being overweight or obese is a direct result of high amounts of acid found within the body.

Acid, when found in the body, gets stored inside of a fat cell. This process is similar to a sponge absorbing water. This swelling of fat cells is an indicator as to why the majority of society have some sort of weight problem, whether it is losing the last few kilograms after being on a diet, to losing the spare tyre or beer belly to being grossly over-weight.

Health Benefit 2 – Achieve Mental Clarity.

When we have an alkaline body, our mental clarity is enhanced due lower levels of toxicity and to the increased oxygen our brain is receiving.

Health Benefit 3 – Increased Energy Levels.

As the body no longer has to work as hard to regulate blood pH levels, you will essentially achieve an improvement in the oxygenation of the blood which will have you jumping out of your skin and see a vast improvement in energy levels.

Health Benefit 4 – Skin Health Will Improve.

Chlorophyll and Chlorella (active ingredient in most greens and found in abundance in the Living Lean program) have a structure similar to that of haemoglobin. Haemoglobin is what transports oxygen through the body making stronger blood and stronger body cells. Is it any wonder that Elle McPherson loves the alkaline way of life?

Health Benefit 5 – Maximum Muscle Mass Will Be Achieved

When we are in an alkaline state, we are constantly duplicating healthy body cells. Water passes through the cell wall and assists in the replication of body cells. Those looking to increase muscle mass will experience greater gains taking the alkaline approach rather than using the traditional method of foreign muscle enhancers such as protein powders.

Also consider that animal protein has the by-product of acid, so whilst individuals consuming animal protein for muscle acquisition may achieve some gains, they will never strip body fat to give them the sculptured and defined look they are after.

Health Benefit 6 – Less Likely To Become Sick.

The more alkaline you become, the less likely you are to get sick. At the upper end of the pH scale (8.5 -14) you will be replicating healthy body cells which will allow salts to stay in cells and bones and limit the chances of contracting both minor and major illnesses.

Health Benefit 7 – Look and Feel Years Younger.

Whilst not technically a health benefit, you will look and feel years younger. This is mainly due to the oxygenation of the body cells and is a direct result of the body not being under constant stress continually trying to regulate blood pH. The more acid within our system the harder the body must work to regulate blood pH which is what gives us the feelings of lethargy, fatigue and general poor health.

Remember that any changes you can make to limit acid levels within your body will be of benefit.

A former super model like Elle McPherson and a smart looking guy like Anthony Robbins can see the benefits in this lifestyle. They both put a large part of their ongoing success to this lifestyle.

It’s time we followed their lead.

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