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Here's just a snapshot of the everyday people who've tried Living Lean and achieved impressive weight loss results in less than 15 days. If you have your own success story, please get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.

"I really enjoyed the 5 day Living Lean program and it's something that I will do again.

It has given me the kick start into a summer body and recommend this to anyone

If you stick to it and commit for the 5 days - the results will follow."

Courtney 4kg in 5 Days

"Well here I am, six months after starting Living Lean.

I am 23 kilos lighter, 5 dress sizes smaller, 4 bra cup sizes s

bright eyed, clear head, zero headaches, crazy amounts of muscle tone I never had before and boundless energy every day."

Faith 42kg in 12 Months

"I was sceptical to begin with but

once I started and saw the weight virtually fall off me,

I knew everything I had learnt on the Living Lean program is 100% accurate. I have had so many people commenting on my appearance and new look. I only wish I had found this 10 years earlier."

Glenn 6.9kg in 14 Days

"I have tried every diet on the market and

nothing comes close to the fast and effective results achieved_

This is cutting edge research and something you simply MUST do! I have never felt healthier or looked better."

Craig 8.2kg in 14 Days

"I loved the results I achieved on the Living Lean program.

I have finally lost those pesky last few kilos.”

Anonymous 4.5kg in 5 Days

"Incredible! I am so happy and

Cannot believe how easy the Living Lean program is to follow.”

Ryan 6kg in 8 Days

"Over the years I gained weight, had lost my confidence and had begun to develop health issues. Overweight and unhappy I had reached the lowest point in my life. A friend had some amazing results with this product. After hearing about it, I tried it myself.

I lost 6 kilos in the first 15 days and 17kgs in total. This pr

and has not only made me look better, it's helped me feel better. Living Lean has literally changed my life."

Matthew 6kg in 15 Days

"I cannot believe I lost

4.2kgs in only 3 days

You simply must try this for yourself."

Anonymous 4.2kg in 3 Days

"Just wanted to say how happy I was with the Living Lean Rapid Weight Loss Program. I’d never done anything like it before so was a little anxious to start with, but when I could see and feel the results almost immediately all my concerns were alleviated.

To lose 5 kilos and over 15cms in 15 days was amazing, not to m

Thanks for your advice and support through the whole thing, will definitely be recommending it to friends and colleagues and look forward to completing another one soon!"

Sandra 5kg in 15 Days

"I thought I needed to share this story with you all...and it comes from a registered nurse. The benefits of this ground-breaking program have no boundaries! I have now been on the detox for 11 days and feeling great. For 2 years I have been trying to become less acidic. I eat a mostly alkaline diet and have tried a number of other things to increase my alkalinity from 5.5, nothing has worked until Living Lean. Within 48 hours the acid had decreased significantly resulting in levels of 8.0.

Having had type 1 diabetes and been on insulin for 41 years I h

As a registered nurse, I wonder what Living Lean could do to unstable diabetics sugars. Maybe even stopping some type 2 diabetics needing tablets or insulin. Amazing ,thank you."

Eileen Registered Nurse

"Wow. What can I say about a program that is easy to follow and encourages real, healthy eating? Being 56 kilograms and someone who had attempted every diet imaginable over the past 30 years from the 'Soup Diet' to the 'Atkins Diet' to the 'Low Carb High Protein Diet' I feel I am well qualified to give true perspective on this so called weight loss phenomenon.

I can sum it up by using one simple phrase....just do it_

The results I have achieved on this program far exceed anything else I have done on any other program in not only total weight lost but the speed at which it occurs. Again, don't hesitate, just do it."

5.2kgs in 7 Days

"Living Lean is an achievable lifestyle that gives you fast effective results.

I lost 9 kgs in 10 days and gained energy, confidence and a new

Making yourself healthy has never been so easy."

9kgs in 10 Days

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