Living Lean made easy thanks to Jamie Oliver and Woolworths
ll meals made easy thanks to jamie oliver and woolworths

The evolution of fresh, convenience food is gathering some momentum, however the majority of these still contain a few nasty, non-approved acid forming ingredients.

So if you are a Living Lean customer and the non-creative type in the kitchen, you need to take note.

Finding fast, fresh, nutritious, Living Lean-approved food can sometimes be a challenge, particularly when looking to fulfil the ‘soft, mashed or pureed’ requirement.

It seems Jamie Oliver and Woolworth have heard this cry for help and developed a fantastic Living Lean approved soup for you to enjoy.

I had to write about this to let you all know how user-friendly it was.

Featuring Living Lean approved ingredients, this soup ticks all the boxes.

Fast, fresh, convenient, delicious and containing no ‘nasties’, what more could you ask for.

The fact that it is ready in 3 minutes just tops it off.

Thank you, Jamie Oliver and Woolworths. You were always one of my idols, maybe it is time to get a Living Lean kit over to you in the UK.

We will be on the lookout for any further supermarket hidden gems and will keep you updated on all new arrivals.

If you do consume or experience four or more those items listed above, you may be making good health and weight loss more difficult than it should be due to over-acidification.

You must remove these problematic foods and lifestyle habits immediately if you wish to avoid an accumulation of fat cells and allow your body to function the way was designed.

Weight loss is simple when you understand this principle and explains an integral component of the revolutionary Living Lean program.

Each detox box contains:

5-day super-green rapid detox and weight loss formula


10-day super-green rapid detox and weight loss formula


15-day rapid detox and weight loss program