How to avoid gaining weight this Christmas
how to avoid gaining weight this christmas

It is nearly that time of year when we receive a visit from the jolly old man in the red suit.

For many of us he brings a little more than the usual presents and good cheer.

Christmas is often a time when we accumulate excess kilograms and are constantly dealing with a foggy head.

Traditional meals, more alcohol, cheese and nibbles than usual and a break from the gym. Sound familiar?

So why do we seem to gain those Christmas kilograms so quickly and then have a tough time losing it?

We gain those excess kilograms so quickly due to a number of factors.

Yes, poor nutritional practices are the main contributor, but stress, pollution and other environmental factors also play a role as does alcohol and prescription medication.

The reason we gain the weight so quickly is due to the high amount of animal protein the traditional Christmas meal and associated snacks contain. Cheese, dip, turkey, ham, pork and seafood to name but a few.

As we have explained in previous posts, animal protein, whilst a great source of protein, produces a by-product that being acid and toxins.

These acid and toxins then get stored inside a fat cell.

Think of your fat cells being transformed from the size and weight of a squash ball prior to Christmas (with no acid or toxins present) to the size and weight of a tenpin bowling ball post-Christmas (when acid and toxins are present).

Remember that the only place the human body can store acid is inside a fat cell. The body acquires and/or retains fat cells to store this abundance of acid when present.

This swelling of fat cells are often seen in problem areas such as the thighs, bottom and stomach.

So how can we minimise the damage done on that one special day?

Firstly, drink 2 – 3 litres of alkaline water first thing in the morning. Better still, purchase a Living Lean kit and consume 2 – 3 sachets of the formula. This will ensure you are not too hungry later in the day and ensure your body is well prepared for the day.

Next, consume your main Christmas meal in an 80/20 ratio – 80% vegetables and 20% of ‘the other stuff’. Attempt to eat in an 80/20 ratio for the entire day.

Prior to going to bed – whatever time that is – consume another litre of alkaline water or Living Lean formula.

This will ensure that the acid and toxins from the ‘nasties’ that you consume on Christmas Day will be passed straight through your body system and not stored inside the fat cell.

After all Christmas is a time to enjoy family, friends and good food.

Have a great time but eat wisely ……. your body will thank you a day or two later.

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