shed the gain

without the pain

The Living Lean rapid detox and weight loss program is great for anyone who needs a major health reset. You won’t need to starve yourself or do excessive amounts of exercise to see incredible results. As your body becomes more alkaline it will be in its best natural state to help you cleanse your system and lose fat fast. You’ll start to feel brighter, energised, stronger and more focused. Stop settling. Start Living Lean.


High levels of toxins or acidic waste in the body leads to weight gain and can make it virtually impossible to lose weight. By removing problem foods and balancing body chemistry and alkalinity, Living Lean helps you to go from toxic to toned in a matter of days. Everyone’s different and will achieve individual results, but you can keep on taking the Living Lean alkalising formula and eating approved foods until you smash you weight loss goals.

Eat green

eat a natural,
plant-based diet

live clean

Live clean

detox from caffeine,
alcohol and acidic foods


Lose weight FAST!

rapidly achieve and maintain
weight loss goals*
*Individual results vary

"I really enjoyed the 5 day Living Lean program and it's something that I will do again. It has given me the kick start into a summer body and I recommend this to anyone! If you stick to it and commit for the 5 days, the results will follow."

Courtney lost 4.5kg in 5 days

"Well here I am, 6 months after starting Living Lean. I am 23 kilos lighter, 5 dress sizes smaller, 4 bra cup sizes smaller, 10 kilos of organ (visceral) fat lighter, bright eyed, clear head, zero headaches, crazy amounts of muscle tone I never had before and boundless energy every day."

Faith lost 42kg in 12 months

"I was sceptical to begin with but once I started and saw the weight virtually fall off me, I knew everything I had learnt on the Living Lean program is 100% accurate. I have had so many people commenting on my appearance and new look. I only wish I had found this 10 years earlier."

Glenn lost 6.9kg in 14 days


Internal toxic build-up is the number one cause of poor health, lethargy, low immunity, mood problems and skin conditions. By alkalising your system with Living Lean, you’ll not only experience natural weight loss, but you will also begin to see improvements in all areas of your health and well-being. People who’ve chosen to start Living Lean have noticed improvements in managing diabetes, cholesterol, psoriasis, eczema, depression, gout and more!

boost energy

Boost energy

naturally feel more
energised and alert​

power sleep

Better sleep

stop feeling lethargic and
get a better night’s sleep

balance mood

Balance mood

balance hormones and
promote positivity

increase immunity

Increase immunity

reduce the chance of
getting sick

"I cannot believe I lost​ 4.2kg in only 3 days. You simply must try this for yourself."

Anonymous lost 4.2kgs in 3 Days

"Over the years I gained weight, had lost my confidence and had begun to develop health issues. Overweight and unhappy I had reached the lowest point in my life. A friend had some amazing results with this product. After hearing about it, I tried it myself. I lost 6 kilos in the first 15 days and 17kg in total. This product is incredible and has not only made me look better, it's helped me feel better. Living Lean has literally changed my life."

Matthew lost 6kgs in 15 Days

Incredible! I am so happy and cannot believe how easy the Living Lean program is to follow."

Ryan lost 6kgs in 8 Days