to the alkalise

Refined carbs, sugars, fats and alcohol are all highly acidic and lead to a build-up of toxins in our bodies that make our system sluggish. Stress, pollution, recreational drugs and cigarettes can make it even worse.

When cells are unhealthy, the body finds it hard to perform certain functions which can lead to poor digestion, lethargy and skin disorders.

When we consume food, a chemical reaction occurs to break it down and digest it. This determines whether it’s acidic (unhealthy) or alkaline (healthy).

The human body is alkaline by design yet acidic by function. If our lifestyle and diet is acidic our bodies struggle to cope. This plays a major role in weight gain and obesity as acidic waste gets stored inside fat cells. Some foods, such as lemons and limes, start out acidic but become alkaline in our system. Generally speaking, the more alkaline foods we consume, the faster we lose weight and keep it off.

Blending fruit and vegetables

Top alkaline foods include:

Green, leafy vegetables
Citrus fruits
Root vegetables
Fresh fruit

Nuts like cashews, chestnuts and almonds
Onion, ginger and garlic


High levels of toxins or acidic waste in the body leads to weight gain and can make it virtually impossible to lose weight. By removing problem foods and balancing body chemistry and alkalinity, Living Lean helps you to go from toxic to toned in a matter of days. Everyone’s different and will achieve individual results, but you can keep on taking the Living Lean alkalising formula and eating approved foods until you smash you weight loss goals.


Feel a deep
internal colon


unhealthy toxins
from fat cells

Increase the pH
balance within
your body

Whether you choose a 5-, 10- or 15-day program, you’ll have everything you need to rapidly detox and lose weight faster than ever before.

Each detox box contains:

5-day super-green rapid detox and weight loss formula


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