Weight loss plans are always easier with support. Here are a few answers to our most common questions. You can read living proof of how Living Lean works for people online and feel free to contact us for more advice whenever you need it.

Drinking the number of prescribed litres of water is vital to your success on this program. Make small increases in your daily consumption until you reach your prescribed amount (i.e. day one aim for 3 litres, day two aim for 3.5 litres etc.).

This will happen if you do not drink the desired amount of water. If you are drinking the desired amount of water and you are not exceeding 7.4 on the pH scale, you will need to consume an extra heaped teaspoon (5g) of Living Lean formula per day.

The body needs time to adjust to the extra fluids being taken in. Initially you will visit the bathroom more regularly. This will, however, settle over time.

This is quite normal. The scales will consistently decrease over time, but you will have days where they go the other way. Persevere, don’t lose heart, as they will usually drop significantly 24 hours later.

You can eat as much food as you require to be satisfied so long as it comes from the ‘Approved Food’ list. This program is not about starvation but ensuring the foods we consume are not causing a build-up of acid and therefore fat.

A good tip is to visit the baby-food section of your supermarket and purchase 100% organic pouches of ‘Approved Food’ vegetables. These handy packets have no additives other than ‘approved’ vegetables and are incredibly handy. Only use these when stuck for time… do not make this the norm!

Diarrhoea is occasionally experienced and should last no longer than a day or two. If you are experiencing constipation, take a high fibre supplement or an enema.

Yes, however optimal results are achieved by consuming the product mixed with 1 litre (33 ounces) of water. You can, however, consume the product as a ‘shot’ by mixing the Living Lean formula (5g) with a small amount of water, vegetable or fruit juice (Living Lean approved) or adding it to a smoothie. You must however consume 1 litre (33 ounces) of fresh water (with Living Lean water wand inserted) in between each sachet. Repeat this four times daily.

Anything that appears on the ‘Approved Food’ list. Remember that it must be in a soft, mashed or puréed state.

You will achieve greater weight loss results by consuming only soft, mashed or puréed food. However, you can eat whole food, provided it appears on the ‘Approved Food’ list and is soft, mashed or puréed when swallowed.

Food must be in a soft, mashed or puréed state at the time of swallowing. If food is consumed this way, then it is considered Living Lean approved.

When we consume food this way, we ensure that the naturally occurring salts within the body stay inside the cells and bones. This process assists in the alkalising process of the body and enables us to increase our pH level thereby leading to a rapid detox and weight loss.

No. Your body will not achieve a rapid detox and weight loss by simply following the nutritional plan. The Living Lean alkalising formula is the key to success and therefore must be consumed to achieve optimal results.

Individual results will vary.

‘Detox symptoms (headache or muscle aches) usually occur on day two or three and are an indication that toxins are leaving the body. This process will result in weight loss. Persevere as these symptoms should last no longer than a day or two. Take Nurofen or Panadol as required.

These symptoms can be a sign that the detoxification process is occurring too rapidly for your body to manage. If this is the case, reduce the intake of Living Lean formula to one to two heaped teaspoons per day. One additional heaped teaspoon (5g) should then be included per day until the desired four teaspoons (20g) per day goal is achieved.

Note: The Living Lean program is not suitable for those intending on falling pregnant, currently pregnant or breastfeeding or have high blood pressure.

"Well here I am, six months after starting Living Lean. I am 23 kilos lighter, 5 dress sizes smaller, 4 bra cup sizes smaller, 10 kilos of organ (visceral) fat lighter, bright eyed, clear head, zero headaches, crazy amounts of muscle tone I never had before and boundless energy every day."

Faith 42, from Sydney

"I was sceptical to begin with but once I started and saw the weight virtually fall off me I knew everything I had learnt on the Living Lean program is 100% accurate. I have had so many people commenting on my appearance and new look. I only wish I’d found this 10 years earlier."

Glenn 51, from Cronulla​

"I really enjoyed the Living Lean program. If you stick to it and commit – the results will follow."

Courtney 25, from Brisbane