Achieve rapid weight loss by removing these foods from your die
achieve rapid weight loss by removing these foods from diet

Contrary to popular belief, excess weight has nothing to do with fat!

The major cause of weight gain and/or an inability to lose weight is due to moderate/high levels of acid found within the body. As outlined in previous blogs, when acid is present in the body it gets stored inside fat cells.

When we consume food, a chemical reaction occurs to break down and digest those foods. This reaction determines whether the food we consume is acidic (unhealthy) or alkaline (healthy).

The human body is alkaline by design yet acidic by function. The acidic functionality of our lifestyle and diet sees our body unable to cope with this foreign functioning and is a major cause of weight gain and obesity.

Occasionally, foods that are acidic outside the body become alkaline upon consumption. Good examples are lemon and lime. Both products are highly acidic outside the body however when consumed they actually have an alkaline effect. Generally speaking though, the higher the acid level of the food, the higher the amount of acid produced by the body.

A high acid level within the human body does not only come from the food and drink we consume. It can also be accumulated through stress and environmental factors (pollution), exercise, recreational drugs and cigarettes.

Acid produced by the body is just as toxic and dangerous as the acid you place into your swimming pool. Acid is extremely dangerous and must be treated with caution at all times to minimise the ill-effects on both our short- and long-term health.

So how do we know if we are acidic or not and therefore making weight loss more difficult than it should be?

A fool-proof way is to accurately test the acid levels of your body cells is via pH strips. Living Lean can send you a pH strip in the mail by clicking here. These pH strips are a non-invasive way of testing pH by simply dipping into a sample of urine.

Even without undertaking a pH urine test we can make some general assumptions as to your current pH and associated acid levels via the checklist below.

Generally speaking if you consume or experience four or more of the following you will be acidic.

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