Living Lean is built on a passion for achieving the best version of you in the healthiest way possible. Listen to our founder's story about the inspiration for the world's fastest alkaline detox and weight loss program.

Our story began 12 years ago in Sydney, Australia. Whilst attempting to assist a friend who had cancer, Living Lean founder, Ben Sammut, stumbled upon countless research papers, medical journals and client testimonials showing the benefits of detoxifying and removing toxins and acid waste from the body to aid health, well-being and weight loss. This ignited a fire and led to countless years of continued research resulting in Ben liaising with a hand-picked and select group of doctors, sport scientists, dieticians and nutritionists from Australia, Europe and USA.

This research eventually led to Ben formulating Living Lean’s powerful, industry-leading detox, cleanse and weight loss formula, specifically designed to naturally improve the chemistry of the human body.

The product has assisted tens of thousands of people to naturally lose weight, improve their mental focus, rejuvenate their skin and improve their body composition whilst assisting in the treatment of many health-related issues.

Ben and his Living Lean company are committed to making a positive difference in the world by working closely with customers to provide high quality natural products to improve their well-being and quality of life.

Hear from our founder,
Ben Sammut

Ben Sammut, the founder of the Living Lean program, is Australia’s premier health, fitness, wellness and weight loss expert and a successful businessman.

With over 25 years of experience, Ben was a pioneer in the industry with his innovative thinking and his experience makes him an in-demand author, presenter, motivator and mentor.

Ben is a former professional athlete, coach and strength and conditioning expert in his chosen sport of Rugby League having played and coached at international level.

Ben is based in Sydney Australia, with his wife and three children. He has a passion to educate, mentor, advise and present to both private individuals and large corporate companies in all areas related to health, fitness, wellness rehabilitation, body function and weight loss.

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